Frequently Asked Questions - Ticket Sales

Where can I get an application form?
There are no application forms this year.  All bookings are now made online. Back to top.

What is the difference between premium seating and standard seating?
Premium seats offer a closer view of the stage and are on the lower floor.  All other seats are considered as Standard.  Back to top

What credit cards you accept?
We accept all major credit/debit cards as shown on the website. Back to top.

Does the ticket price include any booking fee?
All booking fees are shown on the booking page. Back to top

Is it possible to buy tickets for just the men's semi-final days?
The last four days are sold as a package.  Closer to the contest date if any odd seats become available we will make those available for purchase on our website. Back to top

Can I buy tickets for just the final?
The last four days are sold as a package.  Closer to the contest date if any odd seats become available we will make those available on our website.    Back to top

Can I book a specific table for the world darts?
When making your booking on the website you will be able to choose the position of your table (subject to availability) but it should be noted that specific seats on a table are not bookable. Back to top.

Is it possible to book more than 6 tickets if I have more than 6 people in my party?
In fairness to all clients we stipulate that one person can book a maximum of six seats.  If your party is larger, for example 12, you will need to make two purchases of six tickets each. However, each purchase will require a different name and different credit/debit card. There is no guarantee that larger parties will be able to sit together. Back to top

After purchasing online, when will I get my tickets?
You will be able to print your ticket on your own printer but please be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure that this ticket once printed remains in your sole possession.  Should it be duplicated in any way and be presented for entry prior to you yourself entering you will not be admitted.  Our bar coding ensures that only one person per ticket will be admitted. Back to top

Is there a booking fee?
Yes, there is a charge of £2 per ticket. Back to top

If I book a hotel package, how will I get my documents?
Clients booking tickets and hotel packages will firstly print their own entry tickets but will receive a communication regarding the hotel reservation. Back to top

Why do Lakeside applicants have to agree to abide by all terms and conditions that include their agreement not to sell tickets on to third parties for more than the original face value?
We sponsor the Lakeside World Darts Championships in order to promote the sport of darts for the benefit of genuine darts fans and players. We therefore frown upon those who buy tickets purely to profit from touting, internet auction sites or secondary sellers. We reserve the right to invalidate any tickets proven to be sold on for profit. Back to top.

Can I bring my children to the event?
Yes you can but there is an age limit - children under ten years of age cannot be admitted to the venue - this is a health & safety precaution.  Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Back to top.

Are you affiliated with
No we are not. Back to top.

Will you honour tickets purchased from
No we will not. Back to top.

What happens to the hundreds of £££££ I have already paid to
You will have to pose that question directly to We are not affiliated with that website and they are not authorised to sell tickets for the Lakeside darts championships. Back to top.

What about tickets bought from other sports ticket websites?
Lakeside has only ever worked with one sports/travel ticket agency - .Dutch and European clients can buy ticket/hotel/travel packages from them. They sell an agreed limited number of packages including tickets, hotel accommodation and travel to Dutch and European clients. They are the only other website/agency from whom we will honour tickets. Back to top.