About Lakeside Country Club

Established in 1972, Lakeside is renowned as one of the UK's top venues for star international cabaret, dinner & dancing attracting audiences from all over the world.

The auditorium is one of the 10 function rooms available for rent by the parent company, Bob Potter Leisure Limited. There is a wide range of public and private events held throughout the year.

The facilities include:

  • Variable configuration seating 800 to 1200;
  • A live television stage and studio with state of the art equipment;
  • A press centre;
  • A fully equipped large and modern commercial kitchen;
  • Full catering facilities;
  • A licenced bar;
  • Serving stations;
  • Darts parahernaila shop.


About British Darts Organisation

Founded in 1973, the British Darts Organisation (BDO) is the governing body for the sport of darts in Britain and is fully committed to regulating, organising, promoting, staging, administrating and fostering darts nationally, internationally and worldwide for men, women, boys and girls to ensure the on-going growth of the sport for all participants irrespective of sex, age, creed, colour and ability.

It is recognised globally as the world's leading darts organisation with over 1,000 officials and a calendar that produces in excess of 800 darts events annually.

The BDO comprises 67 member counties in Britain, and has 69 associate countries worldwide.

Each BDO county stages its own domestic events, with some staging open events for men, women and youth. Each county has a Super-League for men and women and some have their own youth sections.

The BDO is administered by a board of directors, democratically elected annually at its AGM. Funding for the organisation comes from a number of sources including subscription from its member counties and revenue from various sponsors.

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